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Joaquin Phoenix Fans
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Hello! And welcome to From The Flames! A community dedicated to the talented actor Joaquin Phoenix.

This community is for all claims, news, pictures, wallpapers or icons featuring Joaquin Phoenix.

We have some simple straightforward rules, that I hope you can all remember.

No direct linking or hotlinking to any of pictures shared within the community: You are more then welcome to upload pictures to your own web space. If you don't have web space or can't afford it, check out photobucket. It is a good place for uploading pictures, and it's free!

This community isn't limited to just claims: As said above you are more than welcome to post Joaquin pictures from his roles, like in Ladder 49, The Village, Signs, Quills, Gladiator etc..., news, rumored movie roles, movie news, icons and wallpapers.

No rumors on Joaquin's love life or rumors or speculation about his family. We all get interested to know what's going on with him outside the film world, however postings about Joaquin love life from tabloids or and type of papparazzi pictures will be removed without warning. We do not want that type of garbage in this community. Please and thanks!

Claim rules are as followed: Each person get's two claims of Joaquin - Movie characters, items or a piece of Joaquin himself ;). If you leave the community or if you change LJ names/journals, your membership will be removed, your claim will be voided and up for grabs for another community member.

Pictures over 500 pixels in width, or more than one picture in an entry must be placed behind the LJ cut tag

< lj-cut text="text here" >
Any nudity or adult manner pictures should be placed behind the LJ cut.

Any posts that are malicious towards Joaquin, attacking another members post, or is off topic to this community will be deleted: Any negative posts towards others will receive ONE warning after, your membership will be deleted.

Joaquin Phoenix
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John R. Cash - Walk the Line

Jack Morrison - Ladder 49
--Jack Morrison, lunaysol
--Jack's Sexy Uniform, _deathsex_
--Jack's Locker, tragedystrikes
--Jack's Fire Hose, dani_221
--Jack's Personality, shatteringglass

Jack Daglish - Hotel Rwanda

Lucius Hunt - The Village
--Lucius Hunt, rockmusicfan84
--Lucius' Yellow Cloak, canopyofblue
--Lucius' Shyness, bloodybrit
--Lucius' Kiss, o_bsessedxx113
--Lucius' Adoration, melian_gamgee
--Lucius' Silence, yinepu

Ray Elwood - Buffalo Soldiers
--Ray, buddha4mary
--Ray's Car, callya

John - It's All About Love
--John, chairness

Merrill Hess - Signs
--Merrill, katernater
--Merrill's Bat, gega_cai
--Merrill's Attitude, discover101
--Merrill's Tinfoil Hat, athenadiva
--Merrill saying, "Move children, vamanos." quatre_vingts
--Merrill's Tinfoil hat scene with the kids otownsweetie8

Abbé de Coulmier - Quills
--Abbé, fiothiel
--Abbé's corruption, elfwen
--Abbé's whipped back, marquis86
--Abbé's offer of buggery from the Marquis, marquis86
--Abbé's cassock, dinkylorenzo
--Abbé's cloggs, methehobbit
--Abbé's necrophilia, quatre_vingts
--Abbé's virginity, dv8ish

Willie Guitterez - The Yards
--Willie Guitterez, vanityfaired1

Commodus - Gladiator
--Commodus, immortalvixen
--Commodus' Laurel Crown, katernater
--Commodus' Ring, vanityfaired1
--Commodus' Inferiority Complex, yinepu
--Commodus' Tears gothicherbivore
--Commodus' Tongue dv8ish
--Commodus' Sneer sxu02k8j

Lewis McBride - Return to Paradise
--Lewis, saturnfly

Max California - 8mm
--Max, criminal_wisdom
--Max's Guitar, criminal_wisdom

Clay Birdwell - Clay Pigeons
--Clay, girltype

Lewis McBride - Return to Paradise
--Lewis, saturnfly

Toby N. Tucker - U-turn
-- Toby, mayet

Doug Holt - Inventing the Abbotts
-- Doug, lunaysol

Jimmy - To Die For
--Jimmy, xinvaderkimx
--Jimmy's Greasy Hair, methehobbit

Garry - Parenthood
--Gary, foundmyway

Danny - Russkies

Max - Spacecamp
--Max, iluv_coldplay

So, please feel free to start posting!

Originally created by medivh.

Run by: immortalvixen and canopyofblue